By the conclusion of this one hour webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe glial cells and how they contribute to inflammation

  • List which factors contribute to brain inflammation

  • Identify the symptoms associated with neuroinflammation

  • Explain how neuroinflammation influences the EEG

  • List interventions for neuroinflammation

Presented by

Santiago Brand, MS(c), BCB-HRV, BCN, QEEGD

Santiago has close to two decades of experience and is a Bilingual (English and Spanish) board-certified neurofeedback and biofeedback therapist, researcher, instructor and mentor with qEEG (brain mapping) administration and interpretation skills. Trained in the application and coaching of psychophysiological assessment and design of training protocols with the use of cutting-edge technology. Two-year residency in Central Florida Neuropsychology as a biofeedback assistant in charge of patient assessment and training. Experienced in research and intervention in sport psychology, performance psychology and clinical psychology. Brainspotting practitioner and trainer, University professor and lecturer with the ability to provide intervention and training in both English and Spanish.